Birch Cliff children need a Crossing Guard at Warden Ave & Freeman St

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On Nov. 23 my 4-year old daughter was hit by a van at a crosswalk at Warden & Freeman St. when a driver ran through the crosswalk (with the lights flashing) as my caregiver walked her to school.  We are extremely lucky that she's ok and still with us. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt as condos go up and vehicle/pedestrian traffic increases. I accept that not all crosswalks get a Crossing Guard, but I believe this one is too close to Birch Cliff Public School and has too many children using it during the morning rush hour to not have a Crossing Guard. It NEEDS a Crossing Guard. I know other schools to the west in East York have succeeded in getting this change made by making requests, backed by the support of neighbours and others concerned about the danger. This petition has a very good chance of succeeding, but they may not listen to just the parents of a limping, bruised-up, precious little girl. I'm asking for your clicks here, friends.  For safety, let's get a responsible person with a stop sign to serve and protect at this intersection from distracted drivers and leadfoots. I just wouldn't have the words to offer up to the parent of the next little girl...if she didn't make it...       THANK YOU!!!!