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Punish the abuser who trampled the stray cat family to death

Another abuse case not too far after the rottweiler was motor-sawed.

According to the informant, there has been someone who killed stray cats in a horrible manner since last August in Incheon.

Also couple a while ago someone trashed a box with a cat seriously slashed and died in front of a restaurant in early morning.

The informant was taking care of stray cats and tried to keep eye on the abuser but could not stop this case to happen again.

Today morning, 11th April, a mother stray cat and her 4 babies were trampled to death while feeding her babies. Her neck and everywhere was stepped harshly.

Recently there has been many cases of killing animals in large cities, but animals are also a part of the urban eco-system’s cycle. Killing these animals could be punished under animal protection law or wildlife protection law.

CARE will not overlook this case and report to the police in their area, and try to get the criminal get punished.

Your petition will be collected and sent to the police afterwards.

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