We want Justice for IT Employees / Working Populations -#JusticeForITEmployees

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We have created this petition to ensure IT employees issues are highlited to right authorities. Sign and support this petition to ensure justices for IT employees on below issues.


1)Stop Forced Resignation & Termination - Unlawful and unethical practice of forcing employee out of organization is prevailing in IT industry which is impacting many bright futures . Govt should create rules and modify labour laws to stop this - #JusticesForITEmployees

2)Delay at Labour Commissioner / Labour Courts - IT employees who came forward to fight against company injustices have to face procedureal delays at Labour courts . We want #FastTrackITTribunal - When will TechM , Wipro , Cogni employees who are fighting for two years in pune and other city labour courts get justices . Give us #FastTrackLabourCourts.

3) IT employees Suicides , Murder & Accidents to be investigated on priority.    -Rasila Raju infosys employee murdered in pune campus has not got appropriate compensation. #RasilaRaju 

-Pratiba Tambe a wipro employee died in road accident in hinjewadi , her family is struggling for justice . #PratibaTambe

-Suicide of Chetan jayale Cognizant employee , his case is struggling in court with suicide note in place company has not acted on managers nor have they identified the issue . #ChetanJayale

-Antra Das Capgemine employee murdered in talawade IT park , this case is still open for last two years with police yet to get any clue . #AntraDas

This list is long and will go on till we stand together and fight for our justices #jusctieForITEmployees

4) #SmartITParks we have smart city project we also need smart IT park projects which will provide freedom to IT employees from Traffic which is our number one time killer. We need footpaths , good economical transport , good roads , overhead bridges to cross highways.

5) Labour Welfare Centers - IT Employees are workmen and as part of benefits workmen should get labour welfare centers in each major IT parks , these will act as hub for implementing government labour polices , setting up labour and company hearing , a reskilling center where govt can train employees on newer technologies. #LabourWelfareCentres 

6)Employee Committees in each company to ensure rights of employees are protected , also internal greivances committee reports to be shared with labour commissioner as these committees are not effective any more. Govt should make this mandatory #EmployeeCommittee .

7) Database & Dashboards -  Labour Commissioner office should create a database of all companies in city along with employee strength , email id of HR , contact details so this can be used to send government notices like election day holidays , other labour law updates . Each company to have dashboards displaying labour laws and rights employees have as per our constitution. #ITDatabase

8) Female Employees - Female employees security , workplace harreshment and exploitation has become a big issue and Vishaka committee at few companies are compromised so internal issues should be reported to labour commissioner on quarterly basis. Maternity Benefits and creche facility are not provided even though its mandatory .#NeedCreche

9) KPO BPO Employees minimum wages- is a challenge and many freshers are underpaid compared to the salary what they should get in a metro city . Overtime allowance , night shift allowance are not regularized in IT and state minimum wage committee should look into this on priority.#MinimumWagesForKPO 

10) Security of employees at workplace in terms of fire audits and building safety, transport issues , food canteen audits , basic amenities etc also needs to be audited by labour office . CCTV in IT parks where employees onboard buses and private vehicles. Either government or company should pay and get IT parks premises outside companies under CCTV. 

Government should look into above issues and provide fast track courts , labour welfare centers , IT databases ,employee committee,  minimum wages , Smart IT parks to IT employees .

We urge IT employees to sign , share and support this petition in huge numbers , only when we can come together all above and many more employee welfare activities would take place.


#JusticeForITEmployees #FreedomFromTraffic #FreedomFromWorkplaceHarrasment