Please don't remove Urdu names from Uttarakhand railway stations

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Northern Railways has decided to replace Urdu names of Uttarakhand Railway stations by Sanskrit ones because the hill state chose Sanskrit as its second official language. We the undersigned appeal and request you to NOT remove the Urdu names for the following reasons:

- Sanskrit may have been made Uttarakhand's second official language, but according to 8th schedule of Indian Constitution, it is a Classical language, not commonly used in daily use. It mostly has religious significance, not practical one.

- Writing a name in Sanskrit, while its already available on the signboard in Hindi, will NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE since both Hindi and Sanskrit use the same Devanagari script. You'll basically be writing the same name twice!

- According to 2001 Census of India, there are almost 5 lakh Urdu speakers/readers in Uttarakhand (more than even Kashmir, Punjab or Himachal Pradesh). Why not let them benefit from the Urdu sign boards?

- Railway stations and railway properties belong to the entire nation, not just one state. The railway sign boards are useful for passing travellers who come from all over the country and the world, a large number of them from Uttar Pradesh where Urdu is second official language. By removing Urdu from the sign boards, we will prevent many travelers from reading the station names.

- Urdu is part of our shared cultural tradition and more living today than a classical language. Many poets and writers of Urdu have lived in Uttarakhand towns like Dehradun, Mussoorie, Roorkie, and Almora etc. In fact, Urdu and Hindi cannot be separated - many mushairas, kavi sammelans and literary festivals are held in Uttarakhand regularly with readings of Urdu poetry. Urdu must be kept alive in Uttarakhand.

We strongly appeal and request you to NOT remove Urdu names from the signboards of Uttarakhand railway stations.