Prevent cutting of 64,000 trees in Lucknow

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I recently came across a news article on the Outlook, dated 29 November 2019, which talks about the cutting down of 64,000 trees in Lucknow planted along the Gomti river from Hanuman Setu to Nishatganj bridge.

The reason being cited as to create a good land to organise the Defense Expo. 

As the citizen of this country all the want to know is that when a report from Thursday (28.11.19) said that Lucknow is the most polluted city in the whole country what exactly is the government thinking by cutting down the trees.

Whom are you planning to defend through your defense expo ??? Do you think mankind will survive to defend itself with all the weapons that we make if the pollution levels keep going up & we keep destroying our environment????

Help me create awareness among all & bring it to the notice of the higher authorities so that the trees-  savour ourlife givers, are saved. 

Am sure the authorities can find another suitable location for defence expo with ease.

Below is the link of the news article that I referred to in the beginning.