A petition demanding equitable raise in stipend for MBBS Interns in Uttar Pradesh

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Amidst overhanging sleepiness and the commitment for the country, we wake up, still doused in sleep. A few days have passed since people have banged thalis on their porches and called us God’s incarnation because we are standing on the frontline during this unfortunate nature’s reprisal, this pandemic.

We get ready, put on our used disposable gloves, and used masks because something is better than nothing right? Sanitizers? We will hunt down some old good spirits in the drawer of the ward. We carry on, no matter what. Away from home. Away from everyone we love. We don’t back down. It was never taught to us. With the advent of a newly gained doctorship, we stand strong and firm.

But somewhere there is a weak feeble cry in the corner of the nation, from a really vast state, Uttar Pradesh where Medical interns are only given ₹7500 per month (i.e ₹250/day) as opposed to other states where this wage is considerably higher. Twice and thrice to be specific.

Alice Paul once said “There is nothing complicated about equality “

But why it is more on the contrary right now.
We are facing the same pandemic, same death-dealing virus as everyone else. We have risked too much and we will keep risking it all for this country. But why, should inequality and injustice prevail over all this??

For ten years an MBBS interns' stipend in Uttar Pradesh has been unchanged! 

People switched from keypad phones to swanky touchscreens in all these years. Conditions are not the same as they were before. With the fast running economy and skyrocketing rates of things, the government is expecting to organize a buffet with a budget of a single plate.

No, we won’t revolt, at the time when the nation needs us. But our voices won’t dim as evident by the #wedemandstipendincrement where 37000 tweets have already been done.
All we want is equality. To prove we are as much worthy of a reasonable stipend as any other intern of the country.

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