Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Order Immediate Clean Up of Bellandur Lake

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Order Immediate Clean Up of Bellandur Lake

10 September 2015
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Siddaramaiah (Karnataka Chief Minister)
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Started by Sanchita Jha

“The froth singes the skin. We do not even park our vehicles near the lake. The vehicle loses its colour as froth settles on it,” says Balu, a Bangalore resident living near Bellandur Lake.

Bellandur Lake is the biggest lake in Bangalore. 3 months back, the lake caught fire because of its high pollution levels.

Bellandur lake is spilling over with toxic froth that is overflowing onto neighbouring roads and is poisoning people. Sign my petition asking the government to order an immediate cleanup of the Bellandur Lake.

If this is not fixed immediately, Bangalore’s biggest lake will go on to become India's biggest biohazard.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) is responsible for fixing this situation. They have said they cannot do anything about the situation.

But what about 40 acres of land the government had set aside for sewage treatment? The BWSSB gave the land away to be used for a new SEZ.

Why was this decision taken when there is a severe crisis with the lake pollution? Sign my petition before it’s too late to save Bellandur lake and Bangalore city.

There is unregulated sewage being continuously dumped into the lake, surrounded by heavily populated areas. This includes industrial and even biomedical waste. People living in the neighbourhood are falling sick.

You can prevent this. Sign my petition and spread the word. If enough of us speak up, the Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah will be forced to take notice and will direct the BWSSB to fix this issue.

P.S :

How polluted is Bellandur lake :

In a periodic water sampling carried out by Lake Development Authority, in Bellandur Lake, most of the water quality parameters (there are 11 parameters to test water for quality) indicate deterioration of ecological status of the lake. The high values observed for BOD, carbon dioxide, phosphate phosphorous, lead, mercury, e-coli and total plate count. The physical appearance of high foam of flowing water from the lake indicates that this water contains high amount of phosphorous and other inorganic chemical compounds. E-coli has reached shocking levels - while the optimum range is less than 100, Bellandur water is ranging between 717 and 916. Normal range for Phosphate phosphorous should be 0.2, but the presence is 2.6. Total plate count should have been less than 5000, but in Bellandur it is upwards of 8000.

Petition Closed

This petition had 55,183 supporters

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