What`s more valuable ? Exams or Life

What`s more valuable ? Exams or Life

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Chief Minister Office of Gujarat( Shri Vijay Rupani) and

Why this petition matters

Started by Sumit Singh

As we all know, Gujarat University announced that the examination is going to start from 2nd July 2020 for final semester, under graduate and all the semesters of post graduate students. This has caused a lot of chaos and confusion for students from Gujarat and other states.

Some of the things not taken into consideration are as follows:

1. Even if social distancing is maintained during the exam, students might gather before and after the exam.

2. Online resources and syllabus is still not enough to complete the term. Books are not available with the students. Most of the students in rural areas don't have the access to online syllabus.

3. Traveling from one place to another to just give exams during this Pandemic is not acceptable and if we get infected while traveling who is going to be held responsible.

4.Parents of most of the students don`t allow their children to travel in pandemic.

5. Although some trains have started from 1st June but still most of the cities are not connected via trains so this can be problematic for students.

6. Students might get infected as they have to arrange essentials from nearby shops as most of them stay outside the hostel premises.

7. Another factor to consider is that students are not in the mental or physical state to study and prepare for their exams during this pandemic and are very stressed about the situation as well as their health. 

8. Most of the hostel have been converted into quarantine facility so there will be no place for the students to dwell in.  


Institutes like IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, and all Universities of the Maharashtra have mass promoted all the under graduate and post graduate students.

The majority of colleges had already conducted their intermediate semester exams. All of these can help assess the overall performance of each student which could further be used to evaluate their overall marks.

Hence, it is our sincere request to kindly cancel the examination. The health of all the students is more important than their academics. However, we can't ignore the importance of academics and hence request you to assess us on the basis of our previous marks and give us a wealth of time and health for future accomplishments. We know our voices are well taken care of.
Thank you for your time. 

2,231 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!