If this rare Kolkata museum shuts down, Bengal will lose a part of its soul!

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The Gurusaday Museum has the air of being something tucked away, even though it stands in plain view in the middle of a large landscaped garden just off Diamond Harbour Road in the south-west part of Kolkata. If the lights are already on in the exhibition rooms when you enter, it has been a busier day than usual for your ever-obliging guide, Churamoni Hati, and if you seem even vaguely interested, he will start by explaining to you that the museum has on display six different forms of kantha (usually embroidered or patchwork cloth articles handcrafted by reusing older pieces of clothing): sujni, durjani, baitan, arshilata, rumal, and lep.

Unfortunately, the museum, an important repository of indigenous crafts of undivided Bengal, is facing untimely closure.

Please let us appeal to the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal, Sm Mamata Banerjee that she does not allow this museum, with its amazingly rare collection of traditional artefacts of undivided Bengal and set up by the late Gurusaday Dutt, to close down.