Save 500 Trees from being chopped in Purkul,Kimadi Village Dehradun. Home to leopards,Deer

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Respected Sir, 

The road construction for Purkul to Kimadi has started . It is being told that this new route will connect Kandriyana, Choti bitharli, badi bitharli, under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana. 

But the situation is completely opposite. This route will only start from the old route of Choti bhitarli and reach all the way to Kimadi plot. Due to which the other attached villages will be completely deprived from this new road. 

They will have to take the old route called the kaccha Rasta made by them. 

Then why is this route being made in the first place? When the villagers can't take advantage of it. 

During the construction of the road, the debris of the hillsides will be  being thrown down the mountain, due to which River Tons flowing by that supplies 40 villages a clean drinking water will soon be polluted and its existence will eventually come under threat. 

This area is rich in wildlife. Many schedule 1 fauna are found and spotted here as well from the  leopards, peacocks, Hares, woodpeckers, hornbills, Deer,wild boars, moniter lizards a common sight. This construction will impact their habitat. 

 Hundreds of trees will also be chopped due to the construction of this road, which is not needed, so the construction of this road should be immediately stopped to protect the sentiments of the villagers and the diversity of the region.

Repairment of the Kaccha road taken by the villagers will not only save time but save the biodiversity the rivers the agriculture as well. 

Thanking you. 

Aanchal Sharma