Save Dehradun's 10000 Trees from being Cut for an Airport Expansion


Save Dehradun's 10000 Trees from being Cut for an Airport Expansion

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Aanchal Sharma started this petition to Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat (Chief minister of Uttarakhand) and

Respected Chief Minister sir, 

Jolly Grant Airport has been around since so long.There are two ways to reach it.

First is by Haridwar bypass

Second is through the Thano jungle. 

The Thano jungle is a part of Rajaji National Park. It has beautiful inhabitants like  elephants, deers, leopards, wild boars, pengolins, mangoose, hyenas, Snakes, Himalayan high peak birds like White crested laughing thrush, Rock bunting, Asian pie starling, White rumped Munia, Black Eagle etc.

It's like a mini eco system in the outskirts of the city. With a shivalik Reserve elephant corridor in its vicinity. 

After 6 pm you can see movement of the nocturnal animals. Who come in huge groups to feed themselves. 

The sight is just amazing. 

I myself have seen a family of deer grazing at night. 

The beauty of this place is just unimaginable. 

Now if the Proposal to cut the trees is resumed then it will not only be a damaging prospect but a tragedy too. 

We may loose (2500) Sal trees,  Sheesham (2135), kher (3405),sagon(185), Gulmohar (120) including 25 other varieties of 10000 Timber trees which are from the British Era.  

Chopping this mini Forest could reduce the elephant corridor. 

The current length of the runway at the Jolly Grant Airport is 2,140 m and it is proposed to be expanded to 2,765 m.

The Uttarakhand authorities has sought the National Wildlife Board’s approval to switch 243 acres of forest land to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for increasing the Jolly Grant Airport.

Dehradun needs forest cover seeing the recent pollution. 

Today there is not much difference between Dehradun and Delhi in terms of pollution. Whereas tourists come to Dehradun Uttarakhand for these rare jungle animal sights. 

If you look up in the website called Ebird of Dehradun you will find about 125 types of different varieties of birds living in the very Thano forest. 

Already so much deforestation has happened in the Himalayan region for the "all weather road" we cannot afford more felling of trees. 

Our future generations need environment to breathe freely without masks more than construction. 

We can find many alternatives for the enlargement of this Airport. 

World is switching to sustainable living preserving nature. 

Let's all join hands and preserve our forests. 

Forests preserve means the inhabitants will also have a place to live and survive for generations. 

This proposal should stop and it should be seen through ecological aspects. As Uttarakhand is a fragile zone with growing Himalayas. 

10000 trees are but lungs for all. Of us. 

In this time of corona we all have understood the importance of home. Let's not deprive others from it. 

Do you want your future generation to wear oxygen cylinder one day? 

Think about it. 


This petition made change with 96,898 supporters!

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