Save 11000 Trees from being cut for Dehradun Delhi Expressway in Rajaji Tiger Reserve

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Respected Sir, 

Recently two Tigers were translocated from Jim Corbett national park to our western Rajaj Tiger Reserve. How will they maintain their population when a huge number of trees will be chopped.

Half part of the forest comes under the UttarPradesh Shivalik Reserve.

This entire strech has endangered wildlife residing in. 

Already one part of Rajaji National Park has a train moving through which will be running in a speed of 100kmph in the total strech of the sensitive zone of 52 km for khumbh Mela. 

Respected Sir, this is not just a forest it is a a huge habitat hub for IUCN listed species and local flora like the Sal. 

Recent study shows that Sal trees are not germinating even in the peak of monsoons because of the climate change.

Our state has been seen less rainfall and that is because of continuous deforestation. With more deforestation there will be no rainfall and no ground water available to quench over populated cities like Dehradun, Haridwar. 

Respected Sir, a new alternative be found for the construction of the highway. 

This expressway will not only get Delhi closer to Dehradun but will make sure dehradun looks exactly like Delhi too. 

Since the air quality of  uttrakhand is worsening. We need forests now then ever. 

As chopping a large number of trees for saving few minutes will be a disaster for a life time.

Please we urge you to find an alternative and spare the homes of the beautiful almost extinct animals. 

Since every minute a species is going extinct in our world. Let's not be a part of this Tragedy. 

Respected Sir we don't want our heritage our forests to be chopped for our few minutes saving journey there are Real animals living there with their families. 

Hope an eco friendly alternative will be found for this project. 


Aanchal Sharma