Stop the reopening of Medical Colleges in Uttar Pradesh before the pandemic is over

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Me and my fellow batchmates studying MBBS in Uttar Pradesh found out yesterday that our colleges are reopening on 29th June 2020. Most of us are stuck at home, if we travel, chances are we will get infected and then spread the disease further. Our parents are worried and stressed. A lot of things are on our mind, we will not be able to cope up with exams. There will be unnecessary amount of government resources spent on the sick. 

All of these problems can be solved if our online classes continue and the colleges don't reopen.  I request Yogiadityanath Ji, UGC, MCI and all authorities who can help us to stop the reopening of college till the pandemic is over and continue with our online classes. 

A lot of our batchmates have chronic illness and a weak immune system too, the are more susceptible to the virus. 

All of us want to be good, responsible doctors in the future and help our country.

If we travel we will infect a large number of people and the pandemic won't stop. We do not want to add more work for the doctors and the government. All lives matter more than any college class, we are sure that the government understands that too. We have faith that our rational needs will be met. We trust the government.