Save Noida's only forest....Green lung in NCR under threat by Builder Mafia

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Dear NCR residents,

Please wake up and act before its too late….

There is an absolute urgent action required if we want to save the only existing lung of Noida from the evil design of the builder mafia. Our minds are still fresh with memories of the devastating effect of altering weather patterns that has shown how nature could punish the ravages of mankind's acts of greed and complacency when tinkering with it. Nature’s fury is sending enough messages too frequently to ignore.  Consequently, in deep peril is, not just our quality of life, but life itself for us and our children.

The 75 acre reserved forest near sector 92,93 137, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 96, 104 and 105, in Noida is home to a vibrant ecosystem, comprising 3500 eucalyptus trees, babool trees and a wide variety of birds and animals. It is an essential source of fresh air not only for Noida but also adjoining areas of Delhi and Faridabad.

Now, its very existence is under direct threat from the builder mafia perhaps in connivance with some officials of Noida authority. The following appears to be the modus operandi:-

  • Till date the “” website contains the master-plan 2021, APPROVED with counter signatures showing the Forest area as a City Forest (CF).
  • The same website now, contains another DRAFT master-plan 2031 which shows the same area renamed as ‘Recreational Green”.
  • While master-plan 2031 remains yet in a DRAFT stage the chopping of huge amount of Eucalyptus trees has begun, with the aim to build a park with food courts, amphi-theatre, multi-purpose hall and fountains. This will will surely transform the place into a hub of commercial activity to be sold off at a huge price.
  • Since there exists already, a 40-acre public park just within 2 km from this location, the need to cut out the only green lung of the area is baffling.  While the NCR has a crying needs for tree cover, Noida authority is on a tree chopping spree, which reeks of mala-fide intent to put it to commercial benefit to suit some vested interests. 

Join the petition to counter the greedy land mafia from chopping the only forest for pecuniary gains. “ We the residents, want the area earmarked forest to remain a forest and not a recreational park.  

Act before we loose the only forest in the Noida area…We owe this to our children.