Take action against Hyderabad Police Officials for violating Citizen Rights

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On the night of 8th February 2020, officials from Hyderabad Police had aggressively and violently detained several peaceful protesters demonstrating against the divisive CAA, NRC and NPR. In this process of detention, Hyderabad Police has violated many constitutional rights of its citizens:

Women were detained after sunset. They were held inside the Central Crime Station for the entire night. The detention of women after sunset and before sunrise is against section 46 (4) of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the guidelines of the Supreme Court.

"If you allow your children to protest, they will join terror organizations in future", the Police told the parents of the minors detained. This statement is very dangerous and Hyderabad Police must be held accountable for this. Do these officers remember that he had achieved a separate Telangana state only through protests?

Minors were also beaten up by officers.

The detained men were shifted to Goshamahal Police Stadium and they were denied any basic facilities. They had to spend the entire night outside, in bitter cold. The Police also illegally detained a senior journalist of a reputed media house Mubashshiruddin Khurram, without sharing the details of his arrest and where-abouts. This goes against the D K Basu Arrest Guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India.

The Right to Protest is enshrined in the Indian Constitution. Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech and expression. Article 19(1)(b) assures citizens the right to assemble peaceably and without arms.

While no action was taken on the participants of a pro-CAA rally, where demonstrators openly threatened to kill those who opposed them, why is action being taken on those who want to protest for a few minutes peacefully?

Justice Bhagvati in the Maneka Gandhi vs Union of India judgement had clearly said, "If democracy means government of the people by the people, it is obvious that every citizen must be entitled to participate in the democratic process and in order to enable him to intelligently exercise his rights of making a choice, free & general discussion of public matters is absolutely essential."

The judgement of the Ramlila Maidan Incident vs Home Secy, Union of India & Ors also clearly stated that it is the fundamental right of the citizens to assemble and peacefully protest, which cannot be taken away by any arbitrary executive or legislative action.

The Hyderabad Police is failing in protect the rights of the citizens, it has taken an oath to serve. They are profiling citizens on the basis of religion, which goes against the basic philosophy of modern police.

We, the law-abiding residents of Hyderabad, demand:

  • Termination of Police officers who have beaten up detainees and said that protesting children may join terrorist organizations.
  • An apology from the Commissioner of Police and all responsible Higher Officials for failing to act impartially and within the scope of the Constitution.
  • A personal apology from the Police to Mr. Khurram for the pain he had to suffer from.
  • Granting of permission for peaceful anti-CAA protests (which is our democratic right)

Sources: Detainees and Deccan Chronicle