Payment of Dues and prompt payment of salaries to Archakas in Tamil Nadu

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The Hon. Governor off Tamilnadu, chief Minister of Tamilnaud, Department of Hindu Religious & Charitable endowment.

Dear Sirs,

I recently read that Archakas of Tamilnadu temples under Tamilnadu Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment Department are asking for a Hike in their salary from a meagre Rs 3500 or so. When Government is earning lot of money from the Temples under their control, I do not think it is too much to enhance their salary to some minimum amount required. Many temples are without Nithya Poojas because of paucity of Archakas because many people do not want to take up the job of Archakas bcacuse of very low salary. When Officers and other staff of the Hindu Endowment Department get more salary, I feel it is high time to increase the salary of the Archakas too because of whom the department is earning so much money.

Though not related, I read that government has announced a monthly salary of Rs 20,000 to Moulvis of Madrassas and also distributed cheques to that effect, though the government is not receiving any revenue from these institutions. It is not my intention to object to this, but I use this to highlight plight of the Archakas.

Is it not fair on the part of the Archakas to ask for a hike when their service is contributing money to the department?

I request the Hon. Chief Minister, Hon. governor to look into the matter and solve the problems of Archakas immediately.

Yours Sincerely,

On behalf of Archakas.

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