Hang the Rapists

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Enough is enough. How long are we gonna stand by when innocent women are being raped and thrown away as each day passes by. According to a survey dated 2016 a woman is being raped every 13 minutes.Am sure the number has gone up in the last three years.And this just the women who report it.Just imagine how many women are still silent fearing the eyes of this injust society which will see her as impure and unholy instead of a fellow being who has gone through hell. 

Most  of the rapists are either still at large due to police negligence or due to pollitical influence. The ones who get caught because of neither are getting minimal sentences or at the maximum life sentences due to the excellence of our very own proud criminal lawyers. Even if they are proven guilty they serve some years in jail and then are set free back to prowl the streets. And even more by the time they get their sentences a thousand more cases spring up across the nation.

Let's just put ourselves in the shoes of a Rapist for a second. He thinks to himself how far will this government go? This ain't any arab nation to prosecute me in front of people for me to be afraid of..To the maximum all the can do is give me a life sentence and that too if i am caught and this gets reported.

This is thought that gives him the courage to corner a victim and spoil her.This courage is what we have break in order to eradicate rape. Recently death penalty was announced for rape of minors. But my question is a rape accused of raping a 60 year old woman any less worthy of that. Rape is inhuman  Rape is the biggest sin to be ever commited.

Rape should be punishable by death. Only then the pollachi incident will never repeat. Only that would be an apt justice for the victim. Only then will these inhuman predators get a chill in their spine when they even think of raping someone.

So I request the Indian judiciary to come up with a law that deems Rape punishable by death once proven guilty with no option of pleading to a higher level. The accused should be hanged within 7 days of sentencing. The hanging should be telecasted across the nation so that it will induce fear among criminals.

There is a saying that goes by "Only when the punishments get cruel crime will go down". Enough is enough. Save India's daughters.