Ban the Diesel Share Auto's from Plying through Residential Neighborhoods of Chennai

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Diesel Share Auto's operating within the City of Chennai and elsewhere have been a cause of grave concern given the fact that they are:

Over Crowded
Driven very Rashly
Pose Serious Health Hazards
Adopt to Unfair Pricing
Do not stick to the assinged routes

In areas such as Perambur, the Diesel Share Auto's have been taking a detour from their Route Design and passing through Residential Neighborhoods causing a great deal of inconvenience to the Children and Sr. Citizens living in narrow lanes in a already congested City. Share autos today are largely running on their own, without any body to regulate the services. The officials from the GCCC and the GCTP donot take any responsibility and resort to passing the buck when complaints are lodged. Wide spread corruption and a nexus between politicians, officials & Auto Rickshaw Unions as well as the absense of an effective Grievance Redressal mechanism is to be blamed for the messy situation.

The Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) Act was conceptualised eight years ago but is yet to be notified. Until the share autos in general are regulated, Chennai will continue to suffer the consequences of inadequate public transport and illegal private players.

CUMTA should lay out pricing strategies, route designs, and last mile connectivity in a holistic fashion. The enforcement agencies need to be proactive and should extend co-operation in every possible manner to the Citizen Groups in redressing Grievance Petitions when lodged. Only when the Rules are enforced effectively there will be a change in the situation. Alternatively the Government needs to consider replacing all the Diesel Share Auto's with the much more efficient, economic and greener alternative - The Electric Auto's.

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