Bring a strong Anti Quackery Law in Odisha.

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We Odias are justifiably proud to have made our mark in various fields. More so in the health sector where we have top medical and dental colleges churning out bright eager doctors looking to carve their niche and serve society. It definitely helps that the government develops many health schemes for the public which should ultimately benefit all.
But this rosy picture gets marred when we regularly get to read and hear about poor innocent lives getting lost or maimed for life in the hands of fake practitioners in our midst. Recently, news went viral about a patient dying while undergoing a routine dental procedure at a clinic in Bargarh. The person in question turned out to be a dental quack. This has been the bane of Odisha. In every nook and cranny of every town and village, these quacks operate without fear or hindrance targeting mostly the poor common man. They are further emboldened by the absence of any deterrent law and apathy of local law enforcement authorities. The local administration wakes up only after a tragedy and soon goes back to its usual ways..
This gives our state a bad name too as other states have understood the gravity of the problem and are taking measures to crack down on these criminals who don’t hesitate to play with precious human lives. We should all be alert to quacks but most of all the government of the day should be able to formulate and implement a stringent anti-quackery law. A team should be formed under the collector, SP and CDMO to find out the quacks in their respective districts. A helpline number should be made available for the common man to complain about quacks. A public awareness program should also be initiated to educate the people about them.
We hope that our CM will take some definite and concrete steps in this direction. Till then more tragedies are bound to happen.