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Arun Ferreira, a human rights defender, was forcibly arrested on September 27th 2011 in broad daylight without warrant outside Nagpur jail. He was arrested moments after he was released from being illegally jailed and tortured in 2007.

On 28th Sep. 2011 he was produced at the JMFC Court in Gadchiroli District. Maharashtra in with claims of a criminal conspiracy case of 2007 -- despite the fact that the Trial Court exonerated him of all charges on September 27th 2011. Yet, as soon as he walked free he was forcibly arrested.

His parents who were waiting for him outside Nagpur Central Jail were a witness to this incident. Arun's parents (above 70 years of age) are still in a state of shock. Ferriera’s lawyers, who protested againt the abduction, were manhandled by the police, they have already sent out a complaint letter to the Commissioner - to which there has been no response.

In India, Human Rights defenders have always been a target, because they work on behalf of the poor and victims of injustice. As a result, like Arun, have unfair allegations such as “naxalites” slapped against them.

Arun Ferreira an innocent man who deserves justice. Please sign the petition, and tell the Chief Minister of Maharashtra (India) to immediately release Arun Ferreira!


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Letter to
Chief Minister of Maharashtra (India) Prithviraj Chavan
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan.


In India Human Rights defenders are constantly targeted because they work on behalf of the poor,the victims and other marginalised peoples.Arun Ferreira is a case in point.Since 2007 he has been illegally jailed and tortured.The Trial Court exonerated him of all charges on September 27th 2011.

Just as he walked free from jail,he was forcibly arrested again without any charges, in front of his parents who are 70 plus and were eagerly waiting to meet their innocent son, who was proven ’not-guilty’.

This is a terrible blot on a country which believes in democracy and the freedom of every single citizen.Mr. Fereira is innocent and deserves his freedom.

As the Chief Minister of Maharastra, please do the needful and use your power to release Arun Ferreira.



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