Stop child harrasment in schools strict law &punishment for such crime

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"Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights." Believe it or not but this is the only truth and will remain the truth no matter in which country  we are living. Every Government should allow all its citizens to get educated either free or at least in an affordable cost. The students should be treated more humanely  India being a democratic country , this fundamental rights of every citizens should never be violated or exploited , if it is so is the very failure of the Govt both State as well as Centre. And we don’t have right to call India is a developing Country in its truest sense.


We vote for those who cares for us.

Education is not a privilege. It is a Human Right.

Education as a human right means:

- We send our kids to school, pay high fees and still our kids are not treated well.

Kids are humiliated and harassedby private schools

Recent incident of a 8year old kid in a private school in Bhopal who was made to sit in sun for hours  without food and water.

Because her mother has asked for fee bifurcation 

The school charges 70000rs as fee and 7000 as activity fee for picnics and field visits.

The school didn't take the kids for any field trip.

School management and staff misbehave with the parent and harassed the kid.

Such schools should be banned and staff should be punished

The right to education is guaranteed legally for all without any discrimination.

- States have the obligation to protect, respect and fulfill the right 

Unfortunately Govt ( Both Centre & State) acts blind.  Private schools have seen a record high in cases were the students are ill treated.

“Private schools are hiking their fees every year from 10% to 30%.”

Each and every school is charging exorbitantly high fees and manipulate so much in books and stationery, uniform, transportation to make EXTRA money from  the helpless parents. Though there was a circular that schools Management should take all steps and help form Parent Teacher Association (PTA) , so that it can be discussed before the  commencement of the next financial Year , it seems an unrealistic dream for us.