water resources augmentation for karnataka and tamilnadu

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both states of karnataka and tamilnadu are suffering from water scarcity.  in karnataka's western ghats, every year more than 2000 tmc of water goes into arabian sea during monsoon.  if a project can be taken up to divert the flood water into eastern part of the start, this water can flow into cauvery.  thus karnataka can utilise the water for its irrigation and water for bangalore.  further water can be released to tamilnadu which can be used in tamilnadu for irrigation and also for chennai.  both the chief ministers should get together and both states should fund it which will have long term benefits for both states. this is not being taken up due to lack of political will of both the states.  we also request prime minister to make the chief ministers to come together to work on this issue for an everlasting solution or centre can also take up this as a project and fund it for the benefit of both karnataka and tamilnadu.