Chief Minister of Karnataka: Stop Exorbitant School Fees in CBSE/ICSE Board PrivateSchools

Chief Minister of Karnataka: Stop Exorbitant School Fees in CBSE/ICSE Board PrivateSchools

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Karnataka school parents association started this petition to chief minister (chief minister) and

"Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights". Believe it or not but this is the only truth and will remain the truth no matter in which country we are living. Every Government should allow all its citizens to get educated either free or at least in an affordable cost.  India being a democratic country, this fundamental rights of every citizens should never be violated or exploited , if it is so is the very failure of the Govt. both State as well as Centre. And we don’t have right to call India is a developing Country in its truest sense.

ATTENTION POLITICAL PARTIES IN KARNATAKA. Here are the demands by Parents of school going kids in Karnataka. Following are our demands and we want you to have in your Election manifestos. We vote for those who cares for us.

Education is not a privilege. It is one of the human rights to be extended to all citizens irrespective of their status poor, rich etc. Specially when it comes to a child no school has authority to deny an admission but in reality its the bitter truth.

Education as a human right means:

- The right to education is guaranteed legally for all without any discrimination.

- States have the obligation to protect, respect and fulfill the right to education.

There are ways to hold States accountable for violations or deprivations of a Child’s Right To Be Educated or as Basic Rights To Education.

But of late as we all witness Education in the hands of Private parties have become a thriving business in the name of providing better facilities . Failure of enough Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas for people who are not Central Govt employees are encouraging pvt parties to venture into this thriving business and loot innocent parents who are hardworking tax paying citizens. Every successive Govt’s callousness and deafness  in controlling such mafia raj for education have failed miserably only to anger parents who have decided to go against the very system which is almost in a rotten state. The recent statement by the Secy of Union Ministry of Human Resource  Anil Swarup, Department of school education and literacy who said Education Mafia is even bigger than coal mining mafia and needs immediate attention. "We are cleansing the education sector, it is fun at somebody's cost because when you take on mafia they hit back at you and they are hitting back hard, it does not really matter so as long you are on a firm footing, the change will come about and we will bring about the change. If care is not taken now , then perhaps never we will be able to produce teachers like Late Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam whose teachings have inspired many and ignited young minds. Its an irony to see the exorbitant money collected from parents often take the shape of business establishments, malls instead of being used to better off the Teacher’s Salary , addressing financial crisis of Non teaching staffs , lower grade employees or  being used for social cause for uplifting the needy and under privileged in society.

Unfortunately Govt ( Both Centre & State) acts blind.  A bill was tabled in Govt of Karnataka in the year 2017-18 march which  is still pending Who don’t the Govt decide on it soon and help parents to build trust on their ability to implement it soon. How long will it take to pass such bills and help aggrieved parents?

“Private schools are hiking their fees every year from 10% to 40%.”

Each and every school is charging exorbitantly high fees and manipulate so much in books and stationery, uniform, transportation to make EXTRA money from  the helpless parents. Though there was a circular that schools Management should take all steps and help form Parent Teacher Association (PTA) , so that it can be discussed before the  commencement of the next financial Year , it seems an unrealistic dream for many parents now. Should the Karnataka School Parents Association, Mission Education Federation consider this again a failure at the Govt level because of their inefficiency to convince schools and take immediate action on it ? No Doubt the  schools are not interested to discuss with PTA of the school to conclude a standard fee structure. So where is all the money going? This Profiteering and commercialization of education must stop and schools as well as Govt should be answerable to its tax paying citizens without failure. Even after collecting huge fees parents are not free from paying as for every single thing there is a payment of 100, 200, to 1000 or even more through out the other for something or other requirement at the school level. 

The Supreme Court in 2004 had directed all state governments to enact a fee regulation act and constitute a fee regulation committee. Despite several such SC judgments only few states have enacted the act so far. However every state has a different fee regulation act. They have shortcomings which have come in the way of their proper implementation.

Education is the responsibility of both the Centre and the States. The Central government must act now because states have failed in trying to curb this growing racket. We started this petition asking the Education Minister, Prakash Javadekar, to introduce a Centralised Regulatory Body to look into this matter which is taking a serious turn  across all over India.

This growing menace just like the dreaded disease CANCER shouldnt spoil the very essence of Guru Shishya Parampara  and therefore should be STOPPED immediately somewhere and that TIME HAS COME NOW.

The Karnataka Human Resource Department can intervene in two ways:

1. Make an amendment in RTE act and include provision for regulation of Fees. Appoint a committee at the central level (central free regulatory committee) and state level (State fee regulatory committee). The committee at the central level should be an appellate body.

2. Make a separate legislation with stringent provisions for fee regulation. Under this there can be a fee regulatory bodies both at the central, state and the district level.

a. The state and district committees should be empowered to look into the accounts of the schools and trusts to check for any profiteering and commercial activities.

b. The committee should be able to penalize any school found to be charging excess fees. The excess amount should be refunded to parents.

c. For fee revision it must be mandatory for schools to submit their proposal and justify the hike.

d. Schools should not be allowed to collect fees till their accounts have been verified by these committees. The verification should be displayed on the school notice board

e. Parents should be able to approach these committees in case of fee disputes or complaints like child abuse, corporal punishment, harassment etc.

Both Central Government and State Governments intervention is the need of the hour to ensure that education does not become a tool to siphon off money. School should be free to set their fee structure provided it is reasonable and not amounting to profiteering or other profit making business born out of these.

Government intervention is the need of the hour to ensure that education does not become a tool to siphon off money. School should be free to set their fee structure provided it is reasonable and not amounting to profiteering.

“We feel the Government and Private schools betrayed the parents in the fee matter without consent us having any choice in the matter”

Education is the fundamental human right. We are the common man and very powerful if we start exercising our RIGHTS well.

RAISE YOUR VOICE AND STOP IT NOW - else you will not be able to afford education in next 5 years. Assume fees continue increasing by 10-15 % so it will double in next 4-5 years and your salary won't double to take on this hefty sum. Even if your salary doubles your tax rates will also increase and not allow you to afford education. And what's even more embarrassing to here that a student going to IIT or even to Medical wouldn’t spend so much.

A KIND REQUEST TO ALL PARENTS, Please join the protest and make it louder and louder so that it reaches right to the top and we create few rules and regulations and control these hikes in school fees and other charges.

We request the District Level Education Regulating Authority – Govt. of Karnataka, Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Karnataka State Fee Regulatory Committee to step in and bring about the much needed reform and consider this proposal for enacting a central legislation or to amend RTE act.


Aggrieved Parents

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,00,000!
At 2,00,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!