Save Yelachenahalli/Jaraganahalli lake on Kanakapura Road (Near Sarakki Signal)

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From Wikipedia (Refer here for all documents and references)

Yelachenahalli lake/Jaraganahalli Lake  is a lake in the southern part of Bengaluru, India, located on the Kanakapura Road near JP Nagar metro station (Jaraganahalli Bus stop, metro pillar No. 75 to 90). The lake is believed to be originally spreads across 6acres as mentioned in the survey maps. Later, a part of the lake was converted into school playground for Jaraganahalli government school students in 1998[1] leaving behind only 4acres of the lake. The lake is situated close to other lakes such as Annaiah Lake and Sarakki Lake. There is no clear survey number given to this property, but some of the documents state that the lake is located in survey number 29/2C of the Jaraganahalli Village, Uttarahalli Hobli, and Bangalore South Taluk

Jaraganahalli (Survey map of 1904 – Jaraganahalli lake on Kanakapura road is visible in the map) The survey map of 1904 also shows the lake which clearly indicates that the lake existed for at least about 100 years. The google map of 2008 shows a partial existence of the lake. The BDA Revised Master Plan[2] which was based upon the existing survey maps lists the lake as Jeraganahalli Lake D1 and yelachenahalli Lake D1. In the chapter 5 of the thesis written by Dr. Sudarshan called "The expanding city land development and urban planning in Bangalore"[3], he considers the case study of Jaraganahalli and explains how over a period of time, with an unplanned growth, the Bangalore city has lost its lakes. The thesis also quotes various sources for the same. The article covered in Deccan Chronicle on 30th August 2018[4]reveals that the Tahshildar in 1995 had written a series of letters stating the encroachment of the lake. Over the years the government agencies have converted the place into a Garbage dumping ground[1][5][6][7][8][9]. The lake is completely encroached by private parties as of September 2018.


On August 2018, The heritage Revival Group unearthed an inscription stone of Harihara's age which revealed that the lake was built during Vijayanagara empire time.

In 1999, a PIL filed by Mr. B Krishna Bhat, the court ordered the private parties not to dump debris or garbage into the lake. But, the private parties (who are from political parties) claim that the lake was built by their forefathers and threaten if anyone touches this place. In 1998, the current local councilor who was then the CMC chairman, was involved in conversion of a part of lake as a Government school ground. There are lot of politicians involving in making this lake dead since there is a high value for property here.

Current Situation

Currently there is no remains of the lake. The sand mining lorries, the mechanics and flower pot vendors have occupied the place and over some place, there is a huge garbage dumping happening.

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