Restore pride n dignity of our well-performing women officers D Roopa and Shrestha Thakur

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Two different women IPS officers, Two different governments. Same humiliating treatment!
What was their crime? Performing their duty without compromise!

Shrestha Thakur, DSP in Uttar Pradesh took on local BJP leaders for violating traffic rules. As a punishment, she was shunted to Bahraich near Nepal border by the BJP government in the state.
D Roopa, DIG(Prisons) in Karnataka took on her senior while exposing alleged irregularities in the Central Prison at Parappana Agrahara regarding the VVIP treatment for Sasikala. As a punishment she has been transferred to commissioner of road safety and traffic by the Congress government in the state.

Instead of rewarding for doing their job with a sense of duty and honesty, these highly accomplished women of integrity have been mis-treated and humiliated by the politicians from the BJP in one case, and the Congress in the other case.

Enough is enough! We have the problem of not having enough women aspiring to take up challenging roles in the civil services and police services. And when they take up the challenge and perform their duty, our politicians mistreat and humiliate them like this?

We appeal to the authorities in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka to reinstate these women officers in their previous roles and restore their pride and dignity.