Removal of restricted minimum balance (₹50 blocked) in Bangalore Metro Card

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Bangalore metro has turned out to be a big boon for all commuters in Bangalore, but now the BMRC is taking unjust steps against the regular commuters which are against the welfare of public, it has imposed new rule wherein every commuter, who uses the metro card is required to maintain a minimum balance of ₹50, which is in nature of a non-refundable deposit and the balance cannot be used for commuting. 

Isn't it unreasonable? All the cardholders have initially paid a particular fee at the time of acquiring the card. Moreover it also exploits the ability and rights of every single user, wherein it's possible that the BMRC may come up with a few more set of rules/policies and create an unjust situation amongst the users, exploiting and acting against public interest.

This petition not only is against BMRC & govt to withdraw the  policy mentioned, but also an appeal to stop such practices and require a system to obtain mutual acceptance of users for all such new policies, terms and conditions .