Retain UVCE under Bangalore University

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Our request is to retain the oldest Engineering College of the State of Karnataka, UVCE, under the Bangalore University temporarily, is based on the following premise:

1. Despite UVCE being a heritage college which is more than a century old, the infrastructure has deteriorated badly in the course of time due to lack of funds for renovation. Finally the roof of Mechanical Engineering workshop building collapsed due to its weakened structure. This triggered the then UVCE Principal and now the Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University along with UVCE alumni and media to express their strong concern in bringing some resolution to the current deprecated infrastructure of the college and the Government of Karnataka thereby sanctioned Rs.25 Crores for the renovation of this Century old institution in 2017. The work is currently in progress and will need additional funds until the completion.

2. At the time of trifurcation of the Bangalore University it was in principle decided to allot the colleges located in the geographical areas of Bangalore to the Bangalore Central University. However UVCE is located both in the geographical areas of Bangalore and in Jnana Bharathi campus of Bangalore University with two major departments, Civil Engineering and Architecture located in Jnana Bharathi Campus. Thus UVCE can continue to be under Bangalore University or can be shifted under Bangalore Central University.

3. The current Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University was the Principal of UVCE for more than a decade just before he assumed the current post, and he is fully aware of the issues that UVCE is facing. He had specific plans for UVCE and had made several proposals to the Bangalore University and the Karnataka Government to overcome these issues including the granting of autonomous status to the college. The present Bangalore University Vice-Chancellor has regularly interacted with the alumni of the college while he was the Principal and even now he has extended his support to numerous UVCE Alumni to make available Scholarships worth Rs 30 to 35 Lakhs to the students of UVCE every year. The Bangalore University Vice Chancellor and the Principal of UVCE together have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UVCE Foundation (an alumni group) to set up a Water Institute as well. They are also collaborating with various alumni in Govt Departments to raise the funds and one such example is an aid of Rs 2 Crore from VJNL recently to UVCE.

4. The present faculty of UVCE are all recruited by the Bangalore University and as per the provisions of the trifurcation, they are provided with an option to continue with Bangalore University or move into BCU, in case UVCE is moved under BCU. This can aggravate the problem of faculty shortage that UVCE is already facing due to which AICTE has reduced the intake by 10%.

5. Finally, Bangalore Central University (BCU) is just beginning to shape its existence and already has its own financial woes and other challenges like shortage of administrative staff. This does not augur well for taking this heritage institution ahead in the future. UVCE needs specific attention and focus as it is divergent from all other affiliated colleges.

With the above background information, it is advisable to leave UVCE under Bangalore University in the interest of the College for an interim period. In a separate petition, we intend to urge the Government of Karnataka to grant autonomous status for UVCE and enable a professional governing body to lead the heritage college to compete with IITs.