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Enforce the Ban on Manufacture and Usage of Thin Plastic Covers less than 40 microns and usage of Plastic Covers in total in Bangalore

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We are from  Malleshwaram Swabhimanaa Intitiative (MSI). 

We introduce ourselves as a Community based organization working for the  past 15 years to improve the condition of Malleswaram and progress towards a Cleaner, Greener, Safer and Healthier  place to live in. Our website will give you a clear picture of our activities. 

We would like to garner your support in particular to the matter of banning the use of thin plastic covers less than 40 microns to protect the environs of Bangalore. 

Respected Sirs, (KSPCB, BBMP Commissioner & BBMP Bangalore West Joint Commissioner) 

Bangalore, once a Garden City of the state of Karnataka is now in a state of mess due to usage and throwing of thin plastic covers.

Plastic Wastes (Management & handling) Rules 2011 have been framed and put in place. Karnataka State Pollution Control Board(KSPCB) had closed down the Industries manufacturing less than 40 microns plastic covers, but failed to address the issue of rotation of thinner plastic covers already in use. There is a suspicion that these industries are still thriving within Bangalore itself.

Framing the Rules alone is not enough, because thin plastic covers do come in through neighboring States or from small districts and every vendor selling fruit, flower, vegetables, clothes, pharmacies and petty shops use it liberally. 

Though, there is a definite rule by the Government that plastic carry bags used for the purpose of carrying or dispensing commodities should have the thickness of not less than 40µ, carry bags should be made from compostable plastics conforming to  IS/ISO: 17088:2008. The manufacturers of plastic products have been given strict instructions in this regard. And the shops have also been instructed to charge a small amount in exchange of a plastic cover of 40 micron with the view to deter the customer from buying. 

But what is the reality? All these plastic carry bags prohibited by law are available freely for use by all vendors in the market and road sides! 

How is that? It is obvious that the authorities concerned are lacking in their enforcement, implementation, controlling and monitoring this aspect. 

Ill Effects of thin plastic covers less than 40µ 

  1. Hot food in a thin plastic cover is not good for human consumption due to its chemical properties.

  2. The remains along with the bags are thrown with garbage. Animals/cattle eat the remains along with plastic bags and get into health problems.

  3. The roadside rain water drains gets clogged due to these plastic bags.

  4. Stagnated water creates health hazards to the community.

  5. Municipal authorities are spending crores of public money for clearing the same after umpteen requests/demands from the citizen. 

  6. To keep the city clean these are dumped in landfill creating all sorts of health hazards to the people living in that particular area.

  7. Mother Earth is unable to breathe and crops get affected resulting to farmers’ suicide. 

Action Demanded : 

So, we demand that with a whip from you, the authorities should ban the plastics once for all from the market and petty vendors. 

We demand an Implementing - Monitoring authority which will use arm twisting methods to STOP this unethical practice.

A legal penalty collection system can also be introduced. 

Kerala State  and  several other cities like New Delhi, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Dehradun, Coorg, Chikmagalur to name a few have successfully done this. 

Why not in Bangalore, the high tech Silicon City of India !!  

Some wards like Yelahanka have started the initiative, why not replicate the model all over Bangalore ? 

Alternatives : Instead of Plastic covers let them give cellulose bags for an amount or paper covers which are bio-degradable. 

These above mentioned steps will encourage the residents to carry their own bags to market to avoid collecting the cellulose bags. 

Unless and until the enforcing Authorities do enforce on the ban on manufacturing, the environment cannot improve.

Instead of playing Blame Game ACT. We are heading towards disaster !! 

We expect an immediate action from your side to avoid making another village as Mandur. 

Looking forward to your positive action. 

For Malleswaram Swabhimanaa Initiative (MSI)

Members of MSI


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