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ಶರಾವತಿ ಉಳಿಸಿ

With Karnataka Government getting all set to come out with a detailed project report (DPR) on bringing Sharavathi waters to quench the thirst of the burgeoning city of Bengaluru, citizens, experts and environmentalists have said a big no.

There are plenty of alternative means to solve the water issues of Bengaluru by harvesting the 15-16 tmcft of annual rainfall as also by decongesting the city which is bursting at its seams due to daily migration from other states.

Even as various environmental organizations and people in Malnad region are opposing the project and have launched an agitation movement, the state government has turned a blind eye and is busy formulating unsustainable, unfeasible, expensive and ecologically disastrous projects in the aftermath of the Yettinahole project.

Is there no end to such unsustainable projects where the state government has neither consulted experts, environmentalists nor bothered about the serious concerns and needs of the Malnad region where water resources are drying up year after year.

Bengaluru has to sustain and plan for its water needs on its own and not go for foolish projects and ignore the critical needs of other districts in the state. So let’s all come together and oppose this madness of bringing Sharavathi waters and that too uphill to Bengaluru from a distance of 430 kilometers.

The IT hub of Bengaluru has a chain of wetlands  - lakes and tanks that can be rejuvenated and revived for meeting the ever increasing water needs. This has to be followed by decongesting the city otherwise we will have to get water from Ganga in the future at the rate the city is expanding. Say a big NO to this project and stop it before the state government wastes precious public money on foolish projects.