Save the Monkeys of Himachal Pradesh

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Rapid Urbanization and deforestation have forced the macaques to run for Cities & Villages in search of food.

 In 2019, the Government of Himachal Pradesh, India made it legal to kill monkeys in 91 tehsils of Himachal Pradesh. Now, They just renewed this order again for one more year. Before 2019; it was only legal in 39 tehsils and without any culling (slaughter) protocol. 

So now anyone can kill a monkey without any consequences and the government will even help you to dispose of the 'carcass'.

 It is understandable that the monkeys destroy crops and sometimes physically harm people but killing them is not a solution; there are better ways to deal with this Problem such as Sterilization, A central relocation policy, proper disposal of garbage in cities.


Many aggrieved farmers feed the monkeys poisoned food which can result in other grave issues such as Risk of spreading of Genetic/ Infectious/ Zoonotic Disease 

Contamination of drinking Water 

Other animals eating the poisonous carcass.

Also Killing monkeys with poison is not authorized by the State Government, but many farmers do that. It goes unaccounted and there's no official record since it's hard to track the person who did that and monkeys don't die immediately after being poisoned. 

It's an appeal to the addressed authorities to do the following: 

  • Take the order declaring Rhesus macaque 'Vermin' back
  • Make it Illegal to Kill the Rhesus macaque
  • Present better ways to deal with the monkey menace

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