School Stays ON !

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The half baked and not well thought out directive by the Government of Gujarat to not allow schools to take any kind of fees for online school is a great disservice to society and the kids they claim to protect.

While everyone agrees there has to be exceptions for few of those unduly hard-shipped by Covid , however to expect schools to function pro bono is unreasonable. 

I think most people with young kids will agree that school albeit even online is the only thing keeping a certain level of sanity and structure in the lives of kids who have been home bound for close to 5 months now. Schools are providing a sanctuary of relief and reassurance to young minds in troubled times. Imagine kids missing out on a year of education and the cascading impact on their lives which might be impossible to repair. 

 Rather than expecting no fees to be paid for a service ( albeit not perfect) which is imperative for any institution , the govt should focus on the following 

  • Improving mechanisms for last mile delivery of e-education so that maximum learning by pupils in these imperfect times( Eg. Use local cable, Doordarshan for delivery of classes)
  • Work with schools to allow parents impacted by Covid to get financial relief in these times of distress  
  • Work with schools to ensure minimum SOP's (Standard operating Procedures)of deliverance of learning.

    There are several steps which can be taken by the government/schools/ parents to come out with a meaningful solution in these unusual pandemic times but the regressive step of closing all mediums of education is not one of them.