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Respected Chief Minister of Gujarat  

This Petition is created to  create a constructive dialogue regarding the same. To request as a citizen to amend the PROHIBITION of ALCOHOL POLICY which makes criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens.

OUR DEMAND: 1. Every adult (21 years+) be allowed to purchase alcohol from EXISTING LIQUOR SHOPS that currently sell alcohol to only permit holders. 2. Consumption of alcohol in PRIVATE be decriminalized.  3. We  seek the government allows opening bars, pubs, discos etc. 4. Upgrade and modernise the POLICE force 5. Make stringent laws to enforce alcohol related misbehaviour or disturbances which are non bailable. 6. Make rehabilitation centers in all districts. 7. Add special taxes to directly benefit FARMERS / POOR / REHABILITATION CENTERS. on alcohol consumed in restaurants/pubs/bars/discos .

Adulterated- chemically laced alcohol sold by bootleggers is causing a health epidemic, its time to address it.

The debt of GUJARAT STATE is touching approx. Rs.3,00,000 crores and its time the fiscal issues are addressed. The  idea is to let revenues to the maximum to the STATE in turn reducing the tax burden on citizens.

The STATE s high dependency on POLLUTING INDUSTRIES is causing a heath hazard and that too can be addressed by reducing the reliance on the same.

It is therefore requested that the law may be amended so as to

1. Allow every adult (21 years+) to purchase alcohol from shops that currently sell alcohol to only permit holders.

2. Consumption of alcohol in private be decriminalized.

3. To allow entertainment related businesses just like any other STATE to THRIVE unhindered. 

Thank you

Yours Truly


ALSO CHECK THE WEBSITE, facebook group 'PROHIBITION FREE GUJARAT" for more details on how people feel about the POLICY and 1000s of news reports.