NSUI Goa demands cancellation of PG semester exams.

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In view of the fact that due to massive community transmission of Covid-19 in vasco,hundreds of people confirmed positive till now. To ensure safety and security of students we request you to cancel the PG semester exams and promote everyone to the academic year 2020-21.

Due to the sudden rise in active cases of covid-19 in Goa, students are in panic situation and facing en number of problems due to which they are not able to concentrate on their studies. Also due to fear of getting infected by virus while answering the exams due to movement since it’s risky to travel in bus transport now a days due to not maintaining social distancing by the public in the buses and since students stay across Goa from extreme south to extreme north Goa it is very risky to conduct an exams in this situation.

We urge the authorities to please follow the HRD Ministry proposal which clearly says University’s can promote the students based on their internal marks so we request the authority to implement the same in order to avoid further stress and disruption to students lives during the coronavirus pandemic,this will be best possible way to keep the students safe and protected from covid-19 while following this step there will be no more community transmission taking place.

Naushad Chowdhari,
President,NSUI North Goa.