Implement Nurses minimum Wages in Delhi as per Supreme Court recommendation .

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Shri Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister Delhi NCT

Subject: Implementing recommendations of Dr Jagadish Prasad Committee regarding salary and working conditions of nurses in private hospitals in Delhi as promised by Delhi Govt.
Reference to Order F.No.23/(413)/GEN/circular/DHS/HQ/14/ 643-45 dated 25/06/18
The above said order is sent to all private hospital to implement recommendations of Dr.Jagdish Prasad Expert Committee along with letter dated 20th September, 2016 of Govt of India. However, Association of Health Care Providers (India) has challenged the said order in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 7291/2018 before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, the said order is upheld by the judgement dated 24th July 2019.Aggrieved by the judgement, the Association preferred an appeal LPA 657/2019 and sought stay of the single bench judgment, on 28.11.2019, the stay application was heard and not considered by the court at this stage, now the matter is stated to be heard in the month of March 2020.
Since, there is no impediment in implementing the said order, the government must consider the plight of near about 1 lakh nurses working in private hospitals in Delhi, their working condition is very pathetic and they survive with meagrely salary.They are the only one who earning for their family .AAP Govt is having welfare approach in its governance therefore we request you to seriously implement Order date 25.06.2018 of Nursing Home Cell, Directorate General of Health Service, Govt. of NCT, Delhi. Nurses and their family members will ever be grateful to you for your kindness.
Order of Govt of NCT Delhi dated 25/June /2018
Judgment of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi dated 24/July /2019