Shut Dahisar Toll Naka, Mumbai Save Time, Lives, Fuel & Environment

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The Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Uddhav ji Thackeray

Dear Sir,

Subject: Harassment in commuting due to Dahisar Toll Naka

This is a very humble request to look into harassment caused due to Dahisar Toll Naka in Mumbai. People commute to office daily and needs to spend at least half hour twice a day for biker's who even don't have to pay any toll tax.The best part is for four wheelers, who are so dedicated that for paying 35rs toll they spend 20-30 mins twice a day. Lakhs of people are simply wasting an hour a day out of their busy schedules. If this time can be used for productive purposes many can earn more, employees get more promotions increments, which can generate more taxes to the government which can be used for infrastructure. Students can reach on time to their school college and exams etc. Patients in ambulances may reach hospital on time before they lose their life. India had participated whole heartedly in green revolution along with 195 countries. Sir please visit the toll naka during peak hours and feel the pollution. We can't imagine how many adults n kids must be facing Asthma and various other diseases due to air pollution in this area.   

Just removing Dahisar Toll Naka can solve innumerable issues which have far reaching positive effects compared to toll collections. Recently the govt had removed toll nakas in a number of booths across Maharashtra, but why Dahisar Naka was excluded is unimaginable.

Most difficult part is for the residents in coconut areas who compulsorily have to cross toll naka for a very small distance and ending up paying 35rs for crossing and wasting time.

It is even not understandable why are we paying toll?? Is it for good smooth road?? Don't know.... Hope u will look into this issue on a serious note and respond.


A frustrated Mumbaikar

Date: 31st August 2020