Save 5,012 Trees In Mumbai with an Improved Metro 3!

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Save 5,012 Trees In Mumbai with an Improved Metro 3!

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Vrikshamitra started this petition to Chief Minister Maharashtra and

In January 2017, Mumbai reverberated with shocking newspaper reports that MMRCL will cut 5,012 trees to lay the Metro 3 line in the city.  And with no credible track-record of successful transplantation in the past there’s little to instil confidence that MMRCL’s claim, that more than half will be transplanted, will manifest. 

It is time people who care for the already scant tree cover in the city come together and urge the protagonists that a smarter way of constructing the Metro is needed, which does not do away with 5,012 trees.

  • Trees at the terminal ends of the Andheri-Cuffe Parade Metro 3 line can be saved if the location of its depot is chosen away from a green no development zone, Aarey and a city garden, the Colaba Woods Playground.  Alternatives such as Kanjurmarg, Kalina, MBPTs vast vacant lands or reclamation if required, need to be evaluated rather than sacrificing trees in the city
  • Trees along the route can be saved if the NATM tunnel bore technology is adopted at all stations rather than selectively, along the course
  • With a project cost of over Rs 23,000 crores the MMRCL can certainly spend some of its budget to proactively identify and create tree beds along the Metro 3 line so that the city is left greener and looking prettier than before.  It should communicate details to citizens
  • Before commencement of work to claim land and cut trees, MMRCL should take all the requisite permissions under the Metro Act, CRZ regulations and from the Ministry of Environment

Trees reduce noise, dust, air pollution and heat.  They give out oxygen and benefit the health and well being of people in the proximity.  Let’s leave the ordinary citizen, who resides along the Metro line better off than before, rather than bereft of trees.

We request the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Commissioner of MMRDA, Managing Director of MMRCL and the President of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency to help address this citizens’ grievance in a timely way.


Concerned Mumbai Citizens

Ketan Mehta - Churchgate,
Ketayun Bamji - Gowalia Tank,
Neera Punj - Churchgate,
Nina Verma - Churchgate,
Pervin Jehangir - Cuffe Parade,
Robin Jaisinghani - Cuffe Parade,
Ruchir Bansal - Cooperage,
Savita Patil - Churchgate,
Shefali Kapadia - Churchgate and
Zoru Bhathena - Khar West



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This petition had 2,576 supporters

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