Justice for Child. Arrest Mother in thodupuzha child murder case.

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In the early hours of March 28th a seven year old boy was brutally tortured and brought to the Emergency dept of a private hospital by his mother and her boy friend.
The couple gave varying explanation for the boy's condition.
Upon further investigation it was brought to light that the boy was beaten up and his head was thrashed on the cupboard, bed and floor because his younger brother was urinated on the sofa.
The boy, our beloved puppy bade goodbye to this world after fighting for 10 days on life support in ventilator .
Our government has failed to arrest the mother who did nothing to prevent her boy friend from attacking the boy.
She also tried to delay the essential life saving treatment which puppy should have received, which could have saved his life.
Also our government has given the custody of the younger child to her, when he was also subjected to sexual and physical abuse by her boy friend.
The boys used to be brutally abused, beaten, burned and would go to bed hungry on most days.
We request you to sign this petition so that the mother and all involved in this case will be arrested and given maximum punishment.
The mother should not be given the custody of the younger child.
The government should be more proactive to fight against the rising child abuses in Kerala.
Sign this petition so that no child will have to face what puppy and his brother faced.