COVID19 Open the new District Hospital in Margao and usage of funds under MPLAD for Gear

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1) The state government had set a deadline of January end 2020 to open the same. The only thing that was yet to arrive was a medical oxygen unit which was to arrive from the United Kingdom in February. It should have reached by now and therefore the hospital should be completely ready in all aspects. 

I therefore humbly request the Hon’ble Minister for Health of the Government of Goa to throw the same open immediately in public interest.

I know the Health Minister is doing his best. Having said that I also know that there were issues with the contractors which am told he has recently resolved. He should demand the government immediately permit him to employ the necessary manpower. In fact sometime back he had advertised posts in GMC. As such data on manpower is with him/Dept. We should ensure we immediately open the hospital.

it will be of great help to keep the hospital ready and open if and when the pandemic spins out of control in our lovely state of Goa. Better safe than sorry.

2) Each Member Of Parliament has a dedicated MPLAD fund which can be used by the MP for any socially benefitting cause he deems fit. As we could be in dire straits within a short span of time, I believe that our MPs should come together and use their MPLAD funds for the purpose of purchase of protective gear  that are required by the medical staff.Goa is also in desperate need of more ventilators these are pressing needs and need to be arranged for urgently. The threat of Coronavirus needs to be dealt with and we need to have systems in place to treat the sickness. We have time at the moment and it needs to be used well in preparing us for the days to come.

Let’s keep politics aside, come together as one and ride over this current crisis. 

Aleixo Sequeira.