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On 17th of July 2017, I wrote on behalf of Gwendoline Green, my 92-year old mother, a District Six claimant, the following email to Minister Gugile Ernest Nkwinti, the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, who did not respond to my letter after receiving it on that same day.

I also copied the same email to Farieda Moosa of the D6RG at farieda.moosa@gmail.com who acknowledged receipt of my email, but there has since been no further response.

Bishop Louis Michael Green
Representing Mrs. Gwendoline Green
District 6 Claimant Ref # G75

Email: fuller.wcape.green@gmail.com

12 July, 2017
Minister: Gugile Ernest Nkwinti, Mr.
Postal Address: Private Bag X833, PRETORIA, 0001
Street Address: 184 Old Building, Cnr Jeff Masemola and Paul Kruger Streets, PRETORIA
Tel: 012 312 9300 / 021 461 1301
Fax: 012 323 3306
E-mail: Gugile.Nkwinti@drdlr.gov.za
Dear Honourable Minister Nkwinti

Concerning: The land claim of Mrs. Gwendoline Green, claim ref # G75 to return to District Six.

I trust you and your ministry are doing well.
More than 15 years ago, I assisted my 92-year mother, Gwendoline Green, who was a landowner in District Six, to complete a land claim, in order for her to receive a
house in District Six.

At the time, my mother was 77 years old, and then she could still walk.
My mother is still alive and healthy, but she walks with difficulty, relying mainly on a wheelchair.

On Sunday, 9th of July, 2017, I attended a District Six Claimant meeting in the Cape
Town City Hall, which was attended by more than 1,000 people. 

The District Six Reference Group (D6RG) requested the endorsement of the claimants for the establishment of a D6 Legal body. No explanation was given on the nature of the requested legal body and we have no idea who the directors would be and how they would be appointed.

I have voted in favour of the establishment of a D6 Legal body because there is nothing else in place.

I kept the newspaper clipping where the Honourable President Zuma promised us that all District Six land claimants (at least 1,200 families) would be back in District Six by 2015.

The article read:
‘In April 2011, while handing over some of the houses which had been built as part of the "Next 100 Houses" to claimants, President Zuma committed to settling all remaining verified claimants within a three year period. This commitment has provided considerable energy to the project with plans to implement a Fast Track Development process on land that is currently zoned appropriately.

Once the Draft Development Framework has been approved and a memorandum of
agreement has been signed by all respective parties a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be set up which will be responsible for implementing the project.’
On 11th December 2017, my mother will be 93 years old.

We were told on Sunday, 9th of July, 2017 by the D6 REFERENCE GROUP that the phase 3 houses in District Six would be completed in December, 2017 and that only 108 families would return.

We were also told that the oldest. surviving claimants who have been verified and who have an approved reference number would receive first preference.
Despite the revised allocation criteria, we still do not know which families will receive
the 108 houses.

Honourable Minister Nkwinti indicated in the past that very old people will be prioritized to return to District Six. How many claimants returning to District Six are older than 93 years?

The reason I am appealing to you Minister Nkwinti is to get some assurance that the revised allocation criteria will be fairly applied in the allocation of the Phase 3 houses.

The process has to be more transparent. Since our last meeting with the D6 Reference Group, there has been no further communication.
We, as claimants, must know up front who will receive the houses in phase 3 and the explanation for each allocation.

Processes that are not transparent are open to corruption.

In conclusion, my mother is getting old and frail and cannot wait another twenty years for an answer.

She might not live that long.

Minister Nkwinti, I trust my letter will be acknowledged and that I will receive a reply to my appeal.

I will also copy Farieda Moosa of the D6RG at farieda.moosa@gmail.com

Kind Regards
Bishop Louis Michael Green
Representing Gwendoline Green (G75)

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