Justice for Twinkle - 2.5 year old baby killed brutally by a nearby Devil

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Justice for Twinkle - 2.5 year old baby killed by Nearby Devil.


Enforce Strong laws & Make a Safer World for Children

2.5 year old baby killed brutally is indigestible as a common man. The struggle the kid might have went through cannot be imagined. 

Where is humanity here. Even though we talk about these incidents, actual pain lies somewhere in the heart of parents who got affected badly. These culprits to be taught a lesson badly. Court/Legal bodies should tighten laws and punishments to be given at the earliest. Appreciate if media folks ready to take these issues to make a change. Our system is designed to adapt a change and we people forget things so easily if we see next news. These social animal should not be allowed to enjoy in Jail with mere punishments.

Minimum Punishment - Chemical castration for these devils