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Maximum penalties in animal poisonings.

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On April 24, 2016 companion dog Bouie lost his life, slowly and painfully after ingesting poison a neighbor maliciously set out in an aluminum pan, for all animals to consume. Bouie, one of many domesticated animals, died an agonizing death while we tried to give him comfort, and watched in horror until we were able to put him down. After 10 previous animal deaths in the same manner while I was doing animal rescue, a pan of poison laced food was located after I got a tip. The perpetrator was not arrested upon contact by tribal police because she denied knowledge of the poison being there. The witness who came forward and said it was her, is now involved in this suit. Despite the poison being on this persons property, and partially in the open public field under their gate, easily accessible to hungry and homeless animals. With concern for the wildlife that consumed this toxic mix, how far as her carelessness gone into contaminating the land? With additional evidence and the dire need to stop this cruel and unnecessary torture on tribal land, we are asking for maximum penalties against this long time known animal poisoner. With this case having potential to change the way animal abuse is handled on tribal land. Saving more animals is goal in mind, we will be promoting healthy human-animal relationships for children to follow for our future and make an example of those who knowingly and maliciously kill the innocent. Stop the vicious cycle so the pain of this land will cease and can start to heal. Please see Justice for Bouie on Facebook to view the videos, one is extremely graphic and hard to watch, its Bouie in his last moments with us before he was put down. Thank you.

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