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Avon & Wiltshire MH Trust - Must Face Responsibilities over bullying.

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I am seeking proper investigation & closure, 12 years after being bullied out of Lift Psychology, Swindon (Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust). I am one of thousands  left emotionally drained & financially ruined after 'blowing the whistle' on workplace bullying. Life changing losses leave me facing the future without adequate provision (I lost my home when AWP cancelled contracts on the basis of a falsified Dignity at Work report).

Why now? I have acquired evidence which proves HR systems were abused by AWP Head of Psychology, to save a rogue colleague. Using my case as exemplar, I want ALL unresolved 'Dignity at Work' investigations completed by ACAS, not internal staff. Also, adequate, fair compensation by Judicial settlemtn. Your vote is needed to prevent the terrible aftermath of workplace bullying.This is a link to my story, summarized below: Bully Psychologist -Cover Up by Head of Psychology


I worked hard as a Counsellor at AWP, gaining a Masters Degree and file of testimonials.I was in post a year before work iing alongside my Manager, Dr Elizabeth ['Liz'] Howells. Her  department was in turmoil, underfunded  and with Government changes in working practice opposed by psychologists, who did not want Counsellors on their grade. In short, I became scapegoat.

Howells began bullying me as stress relief. When I complained, I was subjected to a false 'performance management' - trivia blown out of proportion, as training Manager Annette Law claimed. I asked the Trust's senior Psychologist, Dr Bill Jerrom to bring Howells to mediation as she had refused. Instead of insisting she follow Trust policy, Jerrom began a Dignity at Work  staffed by his colleagues. Rather than admit stress, Howells panicked. She told increasingly bizarre lies about my character and work. Worst was a claim my father sexually abused me and I 'spent hours telling staff '. This was an attempt to portray me as an 'abused-abuser'. Her  counter-claim of bullying came several weeks after she provided a testimonial for me. She tripped herself several times but no one appeared to notices. The two 'witnesses' were her staff, yet my colleagues were not invited. The 'Dignity' was based on conflicting hearsay from these two, but a corroboratory statement of my evidence from a senior Counsellor was ignored.

Increasingly depressed, I was signed off by my GP. Jerrom's buddies immediately began a 'disciplinary' followed by a 'suspension' - claiming to HR I 'refused to take part'. I was sent a  letter claiming I 'bullied colleagues' and they were suspending me, though without offering a scrap of evidence. I lost my home, as they illegally cancelled work contracts I found in other towns. Weighed down by injustice, I went to a Psychiatrist and was diagnosed with autism. Unable to cope with everything, my life in ruins, I attempted suicide.

I spent years fighting for justice. Jerrom denied my autism and promulgated Howell's lies to the Board. AWP solicitors Bevan Brittan prevented my reaching Tribunal hearings four times - hectoring, delaying & withholding documents. They had the evidence too, but did not do the right thing.

I took shop work at national minimum wage, remaining 8 years as I continually pleaded with AWP. CE Iaian Tulley refused me a half hour meeting, misrepresenting increasingly agonised letters I wrote to HR, during a horrific autistic breakdown.

An investigation ordered by BANES Commissioners was not carried out with my input as AWP were instructed. Rather thank dealing with this, the Commissioners baled out. No one will take responsibliity. The miscreants remain in post. I am now in social housing, bereft of career, my good name and my NHS pension, my hard work denigrated.


1. AWP Board and CE Hayley Richards to listen
2. investigation of my documents, then proper apology & fair compensation
3. evidence new systems will be put in place, as preventative measures
4. AWP to support FAIR DEALING: all investigations carried out by impartial agencies like ACAS or WhistleBlower Guardians. Adequate compensation & apology via Judicial Settlement [binding on both parties]

If AWP act it will encourage others to do likewise. No one should suffer like this nor for so long. Thank you.

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