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Petitioning Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police: Simon Cole

Overturn a Police Information Notice issued to two Hunt Saboteurs.

Leicestershire Police have misused a Police Information Notice (P.I.N), issuing it to two Hunt Saboteurs without any evidence of any wrong doing and based purely on unsubstantiated “allegations” made by a member of the Atherstone Hunt. The saboteurs have video evidence of this member of the hunt behaving anti-socially and admitting on camera to assaulting one of them. Yet instead of issuing him with a P.I.N Leicestershire Police are merely going to talk to him about his behaviour and issue the sabs with a P.I.N.

 A P.I.N can be used as evidence of harassment if similar unsubstantiated allegations are made in the future.

 During the last hunting season the saboteurs filmed the Atherstone Hunt breaking numerous laws including assault, illegal hunting, racism and interfering with badger setts. This footage has resulted in several on-going police investigations with two of the investigations set to go to court. Despite the overwhelming evidence against the hunt it is the saboteurs that are being issued with P.I.N's.

 The saboteurs received a letter written from the hunt to it's supporter's showing that the police had been undercover with the hunt and have been advising them on their behaviour when being filmed by saboteurs. The letter says “To continue having good sport we all have to do our bit to discourage the Saboteurs/monitors by following the advice of the police”

 By issuing the P.I.N's Leicestershire Police are in our opinion helping the hunt by trying to stop the saboteurs from being able to film footage of illegal activities and using peaceful methods to stop a fox from being ripped apart which the police need reminding is a criminal offence.


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