Stop the Extinction Rebellion Roadblock in Cambridge

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We note that:

  • Extinction Rebellion Cambridge plan to “bring the city to a halt” with a week-long roadblock unless the elected city council surrenders “significant decision-making powers and a binding mandate” to an unelected and unaccountable “citizens’ assembly” (

We believe that:

  • Whatever one’s view on combating Climate Change, it is totally inappropriate for unelected, self-appointed groups to be making strident “demands” of our political institutions that amount to undermining the principles of the rule of law, representative democracy, and accountability. The correct vehicle for Extinction Rebellion’s grievances is through legal channels and our democratic system: if they want power, they should stand for election.
  • Cambridge City Council is right to reject these demands (
  • Threatening the people of Cambridge with illegal acts of disruption is outrageous, and amounts to little better than mob rule. The proposed action will have a big negative impact on Cambridge’s residents and goes well beyond the boundaries of acceptable, peaceful, legal protest. Extinction Rebellion has no right to prevent citizens going about their lawful business.
  • Blocking key transport routes, as Extinction Rebellion plans to do, threatens not only the access of disabled people to the city, but also could well cause significant problems for ambulances and other emergency vehicles. It is therefore highly irresponsible and dangerous.

We therefore call upon Cambridgeshire constabulary, the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner, and all relevant authorities to do everything in their power to enforce the law and remove Extinction Rebellion’s illegal roadblock, planned to take place in Cambridge between 16th to the 23rd February 2020.