Rescue "Laxmi" -an injured female elephant who is also going blind yet exploited for money

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Laxmi, a 45 years old female elephant, is being exploited for money in Nashik City Area. She is frequently transported across Maharashtra for various events in unsuitable conditions. She is poorly cared for and shows signs of mental stress too. Her right eye appears white, which means she is going blind. Her living conditions are so unsuitable; the area where she is kept is quite confined and too close to the road, putting her at risk of road accidents. No shade has been provided in even scorching summers, and no protection is provided in any season. There appears to be no water freely accessible to her to drink or cool herself down. There is has an injury on her hip area as well as fungal growth on both her ears. 

She should be immediately rescued and handed over wildlife department who should rehabilitate her where she can live the rest of her life in nature with respect and free of exploitation. Right from Birth, she is far from the characteristic environment that's ideal for her.

AWAAHS (Animal Welfare and Anti-Harassment Society) an NGO based in Nashik, is relentlessly following up with the District Forest Office and seeking help to rescue her from past one month, however there is no positive response from there too.

Help us by signing this petition, sharing with your friends and family and encouraging them to sign and share, so we can ensure a life full of happiness for Laxmi. 

Check out her photos by visiting our FB page AWAAHS for Animals