STOP CORRUPTION IN PASCO COUNTY COURTS - Remove Judge Daniel Diskey & Atty Elaine Holmes!

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On Nov. 29, 2016, a pregnant woman was engaged in a hearing for an Domestic Violence Injunction that had been filed against her by a family that had been preying on her for money for over a year. The woman was in the process of leaving the situation for herself and for her unborn child, when in a last ditch effort to attain her assets and gain capital in a very probable custody battle, the father of her child with his family falsified allegations for the injunction against her. Despite the fact that the sheriff deputies who had previously responded to earlier incidents where the woman was the victim, and had never been arrested for anything involving this family, Judge Diskey issued the injunction, rendering this woman homeless and without her possessions that had been left behind to be ransacked by the family. To add insult to injury, there was a woman on the Internet that had the same last name as the woman, whom had been convicted of a murder in 2006, Atty Elaine Holmes of Bay Area Legal of Tampa Bay, whom represented the father of the woman's child as a free service for "domestic violence" victims, pretended that this woman and the actual murderer were one in the same, during the hearing.  The pregnant woman, was than treated as a Murderer, Judge Diskey literally DENIED every single motion this woman filed.

The woman than filed numerous motions for a re-hearing, appeal and reassignment of the case.

All to be denied by Judge Daniel Diskey.

Even a final appeal motion, to allow her to retain counsel, was also denied. 

The woman reached out to Chief Judge Rondolino, who heads up Sixth Judicial Circuit, boss of Judge Diskey for a review.

And also reached out to Bay Area Legal supervisors about the blatant and tactical LIE, Atty Elaine Holmes had told. 


Totally shaming a pregnant woman in a manner so damaging to her reputation for subsequent custody and/or professional reputation.

Both, Bay Area Legal, Sixth Judicial Circuit, Court Council investigators and Chief Judge Rondolino's Office failed to fairly assess the facts and further BLOCKED this woman's IP Address and telephone number, barring her from future contact, for any matters.

Lets fight back against this type of railroad behavior, and send a message that it will not be tolerated. 


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