Evict racist camper from Wahnapitae First Nation

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Remove racist camper(s)  from the Wahnapitae Reserve lands. 

Indigenous people have been subjected to immeasurable harm and suffering at the hands of colonizers since contact. 

Many of which continue to occupy stolen lands, for generations, and have still not learned the true history of what is currently known as Canada. 

The willful ignorance and outright racism has led to the dehumanization of Indigenous people and a culture of white supremacy. 

Indigenous people were displaced from their homelands and segregated to reserves, aka 'lands set aside for the use of Indians'. These Reserves make up only .2 % of Canada's landbase. The other 99.8% are currently under settler occupation. 

Even this is not enough for them, so they build camps to occupy the .2% which takes it from the 'use of the Indigenous people', for which it was intended. 

The campers utilize Anishinaabe resources, tax free, add wear & tear on the the band roads, take from water sources, litter, drive around with Confederate flags, speed on residential roads, and now incite hatred and violence against Indigenous people on their own land. 

This is violence.  MMIW is a direct result of this type of degredation. And it needs to stop! 

Please sign in support - To stand against the hatred that the racist camper  is attempting to incite. This petition calls for Wahnapitae Chief and Council along with the campground owner where her camp is, to terminate her camp lot rental agreement immediately and remove her belongings from Wahnapitae First Nation. 

Miigwetch for standing with us ✊�