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Vermont's EAT MORE KALE is a small, eco-friendly t-shirt business with a mission to promote sustainable food messages. The company's sole proprietor, Bo Muller-Moore, has used the EAT MORE KALE logo in his t-shirt designs for more than 10 years, and he recently applied for a federal trademark on his business name. A federal trademark would block other artists from copying his design (which has happened in the past) and protect the livelihood he's worked so hard to build.

But if Chick-fil-A, a multi-million dollar fast food company, has its way, Muller-Moore won't be able to protect his business. The Corporate Goliath has threatened to block EAT MORE KALE's trademark attempt and shut the business down. Chick-fil-A uses the slogan "Eat Mor Chikin,"and it alleges that EAT MORE KALE confuses CHICK-FIL-A customers and dilutes its multi-million dollar industry.

This isn't the first time that Chick-fil-A has bullied this small business. Back in 2006, the fried chicken giant's lawyers sent Muller-Moore a cease-and-desist letter, ordering him to stop using the EAT MORE KALE logo and send Chick-fil-A all of his t-shirts. After Muller-Moore obtained legal counsel of his own, Chick-fil-A backed down.

This is a clear case of corporate bullying, and we won't tolerate it! Muller-Moore is a small business owner that supports sustainable agriculture--he is no threat to a multi-million dollar fast food company, and he has a right to pursue his livelihood.

Sign this petition demanding that Chick-fil-A stop blocking EAT MORE KALE's federal trademark. It's time we take a stand against corporate bullying.

Letter to
Corporate Public Relations Senior Manager, Chick-fil-A Jerry Johnston
Vice President of Corporate Public Relations, Chick-fil-A Don Perry
President, Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy
and 2 others
Communications Director, Chick-fil-A Brenda Green
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Chick-fil-A Steve Robinson
I just signed the following petition addressed to: To: CHICK-FIL-A's Management Team.

Please quit blocking EATMOREKALE.COM’s federal trademark application.

This petition is against corporate bullying. Vermont's own EAT MORE KALE is a small, quirky family business. The business's owner, Bo Muller-Moore, makes one-at-a-time, hand-printed t-shirts that express support for local agriculture and community farmers’ markets. EAT MORE KALE is attempting to secure a federal trademark for the business name they've been using for more than ten years.

But Corporate Goliath fast food chain CHICK-FIL-A has threatened to block their attempt and shut them down, alleging that EAT MORE KALE confuses CHICK-FIL-A customers and dilutes their multi-million dollar industry.

Bo Muller-Moore makes eco-friendly t-shirts that support sustainable agriculture--his business is no threat to a multi-million dollar fast food company.

Please stop your corporate bullying of small businesses. Please immediately halt your actions to block EAT MORE KALE's federal trademark.


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