Save the Seas. Make the Switch.

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We, the customers of Chick-fil-A, are gravely concerned about the effects of single-use waste on our oceans. We are calling for the switch to biodegradable products.

We understand this may not be an inexpensive alternative, but our sea life is suffering. Many small restaurants have already made the switch, this is a chance for Chick-fil-A to lead the movement for large corporations to do the same. 

Over 1/2 billion plastic straws are used daily and over 14 million tons of styrofoam are thrown away each year in the US alone. These straws and cups often land in our oceans, choking sea turtles and other valuable sea life.

If Chick-fil-A switched to recycled paper products and biodegradable utensils, we believe others will follow to make a greater impact. While Whole Foods utilizes recycled products for food and drink, they have still failed to replace their single-use plastic utensils. Compostable and bamboo cutlery are cutting edge alternatives.

We are asking Chick-fil-A to act quickly - single use wastes are choking our oceans.