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Stop The Toxic Flame Retardant Treadmill! Use Truly Non-Toxic Options!


As certain chemicals gain notoriety in the marketplace for their toxicity (such as Chlorinated Tris, PBDEs, BPA etc), companies decide to voluntarily remove these chemicals due to customer demand. What is happening however, is that companies are NOT choosing non-toxic alternatives, rather, they are just choosing a less known toxic chemical. A recent study shows that 70% of BPA free products are still leaching hormone disrupting chemicals, for example.

It is time for companies to do right by all of our children and provide truly NON-TOXIC products for our children. Items such as car seats are some of the products that are commonly on this toxic treadmilll. As consumers we declare victory when a company such as Graco or Britax announces that they are removing all toxic flame retardants. But when we research further, we learn that they are removing halogenated FR and switching to other toxic chemicals. Graco is a great example of the toxic treadmill.

"It's news that is almost guaranteed to make parents crazy! TBBPA (also called tetrabromobisphenol A) belongs to a class of chemicals called PBTs. Often called the "worst of the worst," PBTs are chemicals that build up in the environment and people. TBBPA has been shown to affect thyroid hormone activity in laboratory studies and may affect nervous system function as well. "

Parents should not have to spend time researching the chemicals that companies use to find out if their products are safe. Further, parent who cannot afford more expensive truly non-toxic products should not be forced to have their children subjected to these chemicals. For once and for all, please take the toxic chemicals completely out of our products rather than running the toxic treadmill of toxic chemical switches!

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